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We offer the finest drapery linings available on the market today.

Drapery lining is an important factor when designing window treatments. When choosing which type of drapery lining to use for your application, you must consider the environmental need in order to achieve the desired results.

.Typically drapery lining is purchased with the following in mind:

We offer drapery lining in multiple styles and finishes, from basic to superior and plush linings. Our drapery linings come in various finishes and styles from regular drapery liners to blackout, dim-out, interlining and combinations of interlining and lining.

We carry 4 different types of blackout drapery linings. Each of these drapery linings has its own characteristics. Our basic blackout drapery lining and our flame-retardant blackout linings have great body and will not crack, peel or bubble. They have a built in sound barrier to ward-off out of room noises at the window. This makes it ideal with the added acoustical control, for schools, hospitals, and nursing homes. Available in white or ivory.

Our next blackout drapery lining is an import from Australia called OutBlack blackout drapery lining. It is super soft and offers the most UV protection. This drapery lining was developed specifically to protect face fabrics, rooms and their occupants from damaging ultra violet light. OutBlack’s sun block performance exceed Factor 4000 light exclusion. Thermal insulation improves a window insulating properties by as much as 65%. OutBlack blackout drapery lining offers superior acoustic insulation. Outblack blackout drapery lining has a soft hand and will hang beautifully with its luxurious body and weight. Available in white or ivory.

The next generation in blackout drapery lining is called Apollo. I refer to this blackout drapery lining as Space Age Blackout. It’s washable, has a soft hand and the drape ability you want. This drapery lining is totally light exclusion and is a thermal and noise insulated drapery lining. This drapery lining will not show pinholes, no delaminating, no cracking and no dusting of flock. This drapery lining is printable and it is 100% polyester. Colors available, white, beige and black.

One of the newest drapery liners in the high-end market is called Classic Napped. With the success of classic sateen they have developed a combination of our premium sateen drapery lining with the added bonus of thermal and noise insulation. The sateen side of the fabric is finished with the softened luster of classic sateen drapery liner. On the backside, the fibers have been raised to give the fabric its luxurious hand and full body for enhanced drape ability. Available in white or ivory.